2018 Tenkara Grasshopper Events

2017 is finally coming to a close. 2018 promises to be an amazing year for Tenkara Grasshopper. I am excited to bring to you the 2018 Tenkara Grasshopper Events listing.

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2017 Tenkara Summit Review

The Tenkara Summit 2017 has come and gone. I wanted to share my 2017 Tenkara Summit review.

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Tenkara Summit 2017 Approach

I am excited about the approach of the 2017 Tenkara Summit in Estes Park, CO. I wanted to share my list gear I will be bring this year.

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2017 Tenkara Summit Hosted by Tenkara USA

The 2017 Tenkara Summit is almost here!!! Tenkara USA is bringing you one of the premiere tenkara events back to Estes Park, Colorado. I am super excited to share the particulars of this event with you here.

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An Informal Survey

Do you want to be a part of what Tenkara Grasshopper is? Here is your chance to give us your feedback and wishlist!

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Tenkara Summit 2015 Estes Park, Colorado

2015 Tenkara Summit, Estes Park, CO Image Courtesy of Tenkara USA There are times when the stars seem to align and all things good seem to fall into place. Such is the case this past weekend in Estes Park, Colorado. The

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Final thoughts for 2014 from the TenkaraGrasshopper

The twilight days of 2014 are here, albeit short days it seems, and it is now time to review the past year and maybe even set some new goals for 2015.

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The 2014 Tenkara Summit: A Report From The Grasshopper

Over the weekend of September 27 and 28, 2014 the Fourth Annual Tenkara Summit occurred in the new hometown of Tenkara USA, Boulder, Colorado. I made special arrangements to attend the Tenkara Summit as it was relatively close to home.

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